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Lessons for 6+ / Grade 2 and above

KDS - SPAC Breaks - KDS


Take a SPAC Break! Choose from this collection of short introductory lessons to exercise your creative mind.

Let's Learn some West African Rhythms

with M'Bemba Bangoura

Grab a cardboard box and play along with M'Bemba as he takes us on a rhythmic journey to his home country of Guinea in West Africa.


Let's Learn Some Cuban Rhythms!

Make your own Maracas, Guiro, and Congas with household items, and play along with Jorge Gomez as he teaches you the rhythms to three different types of Cuban music!

Cuban - Music

Let's Learn
West African Drumming!

Ojekoo! Get ready to learn some traditional West African rhythms from Ghana with Zorkie Nelson.

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WAD - music

Let’s Make a Kitchen Drum Set!

Greg from The Fourth Wall Ensemble is going to show you how to practice your drumming skills at home by using pots, pans, and other items that you can find in your own kitchen.

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Music Machine

Let’s Make a Music Machine!

Join The Fourth Wall Ensemble and build your very own "music machine" at home, plus a virtual machine with your friends online!

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Grab your favorite box of crayons and print these fun, interactive arts activities to enjoy at home.

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