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Here to introduce the SPAC Learning Library to you 

is SPAC education director – Dennis Moench.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, SPAC has been unable to provide SPAC’s traditional arts education programming to our 120+ partnering schools and local non-profit organizations. So instead, the entire SPAC team has been working feverishly to bring these programs directly to you on a whole new virtual platform. 

 The SPAC Learning Library is here at last!

Check out our growing collection of engaging video lessons and activities, all designed to help students, classrooms, and families stay creative at home. If you like what you see, there is so much more to come! So please bookmark the library, or simply subscribe to our library mailing list to receive updates as soon as new resources are posted.

 We hope that you enjoy these resources as much as we enjoy collaborating with the dozens of local teaching artists to create them.

Stay positive, stay healthy, and stay creative!


 Dennis Moench

SPAC Senior Director of Education


Please consider helping us to create and provide more video lessons and activities that engage our community and support local teaching artists.


SPAC partners with more than 70 local schools and 50+ nonprofit organizations, ensuring ALL students the opportunity to participate in the arts

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