Lessons for 6+ / Grade 2 and above



Get ready to learn some high-energy moves with real Broadway performers, straight from their kitchen to yours!

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Adding to the skills that we learned in our Rock ‘n’ Roll unit, we’ll put together some more challenging steps and dance along to one of the Motown record label's biggest hit songs of the 1960s!


Broadway, Act I

Video Lessons for SPAC Dance Residencies

Students participating in SPAC’s in-school dance residency programs should participate in these five Broadway-themed video lessons and be able to recall and perform each of the steps before the final in-person dance class.

Curtain up! We are taking you to the "Great White Way" in the "City that Never Sleeps". It's the birthplace of American Musical Theatre - BROADWAY! Join us as we teach you a high-energy dance in just a few short lessons, and together we will bring our audiences to their feet!


Get ready to turn your clocks back to the 1950s! Together, we will travel through the decades and build a dance that is dedicated to some of the famous icons and events that inspired the revolutionary sounds that became known worldwide as Rock ‘n’ Roll.



Grab your favorite box of crayons and print these fun, interactive arts activities to enjoy at home.

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Broadway, Act 2 

Accessible Dance Lessons

Created in collaboration with the Center for Disability Services for individuals with a wide range of abilities

Eric and Dennis are back with another series of high-energy classes that will have viewers of all ages and abilities dancing along to music from the iconic Broadway musical, West Side Story!